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Proposed by the marketing team as an additional revenue stream and a way to boost sales, this project sought to create a way for sponsored site to get clicks from our site, as well as linking their content to an actionable list of products. More simply, sites that host recipes would be able to get a sponsored link on FoodKick, while FoodKick would also make ingredients needed for the recipe available for sale.

Initial User Flow

I created an initial plan to deal with how the feature would function. Considerations needed to be taken whether a customer was signed in or not, and whether they had the free trial version of the membership.

1-Recipe User Flow.jpg

Grey Box Design

We had an existing template for modules featuring product already, so I'd added a feature that would display basic information about the recipe after the description.

2-Initial Designs.jpg

Branded Design and Mockup

These are the designs after applying brand styles and colors. For the skill rating, the placeholder stars were replaced with chef's hat icons, since stars  were already in use for product ratings. These were then presented on screen shots of the live site  for presentation purposes.

3-Branded Designs + Mockup.jpg

Recipe Detail Page

This is an adaptation of the existing product detail page, but reworked for the purpose of promoting the recipe and selling multiple products instead of one. This includes recipe info, ingredients, the "get recipe" link to the sponsor's site, and an editable product list.

4-Recipe PDP.jpg

Product Swap

The product list included quantity selectors so customers can buy more of one ingredient, or exclude it if they have it on hand already. We also included a swap button for certain products so they can be replaced with alternatives, such as swapping meat for vegan options, or sugar for something more friendly to those with diabetes. The Add to Bag button would then place all these products into the customer's cart.


Sponsor Integration

The "get recipe" button would open the sponsor's site in a new tab, displaying the page their recipe is hosted on.

6-Sponsor Integration.jpg


This feature had potential to create brand partnerships with FoodKick, and by extension FreshDirect. It would have created the opportunity to show content on the site, as well as offer relevant transactional opportunities to go with it. Ultimately, the feature was short-lived, as focus shifted toward e-commerce rather than content, but this work would still be instrumental in the development of FreshDirect's own customizable bundles.

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