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This project was part of a full responsive site redesign for FreshDirect in 2020. I worked with the entire design team on the redesign, with each of us taking ownership of different parts of the experience. I worked on all the Product Detail Page templates, with the following one being the most changed from the original site.

Previous Version

Custom Bundles were typically used for special circumstances such as holiday meals, which previously made them more of an edge case. We wanted to expand their use for more types of bundles we could sell year-round, which meant retooling the design into a clearer, more modern feature.

Bundle 1.jpg

Product Detail

Customizable bundles were envisioned to be treated like singular products, and so have their own product detail page. Here a customer can look over the description of a bundle before selecting the products that go into it, all for a fixed price.

Bundle 2.jpg

Bundle Overlay

When selecting the details of a bundle, whether from the Product Detail page or a product list, this full screen takeover displays. Here, buttons represent product "slots" that can be filled by the customer.

Bundle 3.jpg

Plan Display Order Testing

When selecting a slot, a drawer of products displays that the customer can pick from. Minimal Product info is displayed, but the info icon allows the customer to find out more if they want.

Bundle 4.jpg

Additional Product Info

Interacting with the info icon shows a lighter version of a regular product detail page in a smaller overlay. This way a customer can find out info about a product not immediately shown in the list, such as nutrition facts and allergens.

Bundle 5.jpg

Instilling a Sense of Progress

The goal of this design was to make the interface less of a form to be filled out, and more of a fun, almost game-like tool. As slots are filled up, the interface delivers constant confirmation, giving a sense of progress.

Bundle 7.jpg

Added to Cart

After all the slots are filled, the customer can add the bundle to the cart. It displays as a single product line in cart, and changes can be made to the bundle from there, if the customer chooses to do so.

Bundle 8.jpg


This design delivers a feeling of progress and confirmation even while in the middle of filling it out. Unlike the form-like design it had before, the choices the customer makes have more weight, and show more information than they did before. This allowed bundles to be used to for things other than holidays, such as the Taco Night example above; product combinations that can be sold year-round.

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